In 1945, Don Guerino Baldinelli gave rise to this Argentine company, dedicated to commercialize spices, seasonings, baking mixes and food additives under the brand of Indias which is currently present in the Argentine market offering a wide range of products. Indias’ pepper, paprika, chili pepper, cumin, garlic powder and oregano, among others, have an indisputable seal of quality which have been recognized and valued by the food industry, throughout these years.

Nowadays, the third generation, with the same passion for flavors, aromas and their amazing combinations, continues renewing the range of products, anticipating the demands of the new times, investing in equipments and new systems, training and researching in order to satisfy the customer, providing an absolutely reliable service. For this reason, the quality of our products is not the only thing that concerns us. Our system of sales, distribution, replenishment and permanent stock make this vocation come true.